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  • Elephant Atta Is Sponsoring  “The Battle of Bollywood” Show On Sadler’s Wells

    Elephant Atta Is Sponsoring “The B...

    Elephant Atta is sponsoring “The Battle of Bollywood” show in support for the Lily Foundation  which is combating human trafficking and the Hemray Goyal Foundation. Top university teams from all… Continue reading

  • Elephant Atta Is Launching   Mum&Me films on Asian TV channels

    Elephant Atta Is Launching Mum&...

    As always, at Elephant Atta we have been very busy preparing for our latest activities, which we’re excited to share with you. For generations, we have celebrated the unique bond… Continue reading

  • Elephant Atta’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations — 50 Years Legacy

    Elephant Atta’s Golden Jubilee ...

    Elephant Atta launched its “50 Years Legacy” campaign right before Mother’s Day and celebrated its Golden Jubilee at London’s Hilton Hyde Park Hotel launching  “50 Years Legacy” advert on national… Continue reading