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Choosing the right atta is essential to making good chapatti and we take great care in ensuring that Elephant Atta continuously meets your needs.

Only the finest quality wheats are used to give Elephant Atta flour the consistent quality and natural freshness for which it is renowned. Elephant Atta flour is milled from high quality wheat, is naturally low in salt, saturated fat and sugar,and is a source of fibre. Elephant Atta can be relied upon to produce quality results time and time again.

The flour contains no animal fats and is suitable for vegetarians. Elephant Atta flour absorbs water easily, making the dough soft and easy to knead and roll out. As a result, your chapatti remains soft and tasty for hours.

Elephant Atta is available in 6 varietiesMedium, Fine White, Brown, Wholemeal, Chakki Gold Chapatti Flour and Self Raising Flour. The main difference between the variants is the level of fibre in the flour to cater for your individual preference and lifestyle.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is having a balanced diet and regular exercise. Dieticians advise a wide variety of foods in your diet to make sure you are getting all the food components (nutrients) your body needs.


Elephant Atta Product Ranges

MediumBrownWholemealFine WhiteSelf RaisingChakki Gold

Elephant Atta Medium is made from top quality wheat grains and is the most popular chapatti flour.  Providing a balance between white and wholemeal flour, it delivers the great taste of soft fluffy chapattis, whilst providing a good source of fibre.

nutrition information for Elephanat Atta medium flour

Elephant Atta Brown Flour is made from top quality wheat grains. Elephant Atta Brown contains more of the wholemeal goodness, whilst still delivering a soft and tasty chapatti.  Providing a healthier flour option which is full of flavour and fibre, making it perfect for everyday use.

nutrition information for Elephanat Atta brown flour

Elephant Atta  wholemeal is made from top quality wheat grains.  Our wholemeal flour contains the whole of the wheat grain making it our healthiest flour and full of fibre. With our Wholemeal flour you can be healthy whilst still enjoying great tasting chapatti.

nutrition information for Elephanat Atta wholemeal

Elephant Atta Fine White is made from top quality wheat grains. Elephant Atta Fine White is the whitest of our flours. If you are after soft, white fluffy chapatti, Elephant Atta Fine White is the flour for you.

nutrition information for Elephanat Atta fine white flour

Elephant Atta Self Raising Flour is produced by a special blend of top quality wheat flours, with addition of raising agents.  It is traditionally used for making Naan bread.

nutrition information for Elephanat Atta self raising flour

With over 50 years of experience in perfectly puffed Chapattis, Elephant Atta is bringing you our lightest, fluffiest chapattis yet. New Chakki Gold is milled in traditional Indian Stone Chakki mills and finely stoneground from 100% wholewheat into the tiniest, softest grains of atta. Perfect for light, fluffy Chapattis to help keep your digestion healthy & happy*.

nutrition information for Elephanat Atta chakki gold flour

Wheat bran fibre contributes to an acceleration of intestinal transit. Aim for at least 10g of wheat bran fibre per day. Enjoy as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle.