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The 3 F’s of Ramadan: Fasting, Family and Feasting with Elephant Atta

The month-long Muslim fast, known as Ramadan, began on the evening of May 26, this year. It is a tougher test this time for those living in the northern hemisphere as it falls in summer months. Longer days mean longer fasts of up to 16 hours and the summer heat doesn’t make it any easier!

Food plays a key role during Ramadan and it is about eating well and looking for meal choices that help keep everyone going throughout the day. However Ramadan is not just about fasting, it is also a time for preparing lots of lovely meals and sharing with the family. Everyone looks forward to getting together with family and friends as the sun sets to break the fast over Iftar. There’s always a variety of treats on the table to make the long day of fasting worthwhile. The following main meal is during Suhour served just before dawn. Suhour usually is a hearty but healthy meal to provide the much-needed energy throughout the day.

Ramadan is a happy time of the year for Muslim families around the world and it is about patience, family, reflection, doing good and being charitable. It’s a perfect opportunity to have family friends and neighbours together to share the wonderful Iftars and Suhours throughout the month.

Here are some great ideas and suggestions for delicious yet healthy meals that can be conjured up as Ramadan meals.

Ramadan Recipes to delight the family

After a long day of fasting it makes sense to fill up slowly. It’s customary for Muslims to break their fast with a couple of dates. Why not try making more of this tradition by preparing a colourful salad with crunchy vegetables, dates and fresh or dried fruits for a nourishing starter. You could alternatively prepare a delicious and filling Aloo Methi Salad, which is packed with flavour and is a tasty option to wake up those sleeping taste buds.
For a well-balanced main course, include chapattis to soak up the lovely rich curry that will no doubt be the main event at your dinner table for Iftar. For healthier, nourishing chapattis, try making them with Elephant Atta Chakki Gold flour; it’s really high in fibre which will help keep you going through the next day whilst you are fasting.

And why not surprise your family with a meal having a modern twist one evening?  There are some delicious recipes you can prepare with the family like tasty Fajitas and Chapizzas using chapattis. You can try a variety of fillings and toppings to suit every taste, and we’re sure they’ll be a big hit with the kids. You could always get them to help out in the preparation too!

It’s always tough to wake up early, especially before dawn, which at this time of the year is very early, before 3am! Many people tend to sleep in and skip the Suhour or just settle for a quick bowl of cereal. But you know the old saying, ‘Never skip breakfast’. This holds true for the Suhour too, the most important meal during Ramadan. Eating just before the break of dawn at Suhour will prepare you and sustain you through the long day, but it’s not a good idea to eat a heavy meal so soon after the Iftar and it leaves you thirsty throughout the day.


For a balanced but lighter meal, chapattis are ideal for your Suhour, accompanied with fresh fruit, yoghurt or cheese it helps to line the tummy and much easier to digest. The famous Gujarati Theplas are a light option too, and we have a good recipe right here if you’d like to try something different. With a light potato curry, they would be a delicious filling meal to kick off the long day of fasting.

We hope you find these ideas inspiring and serve up the delicious yet healthy meals for everyone. We wish you a happy, healthy and blessed Ramadan!

Ramadan Mubarak.

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