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50 Years of Traditions Enjoyed Daily!

Elephant Atta provides a wide range of flours suitable for traditional South Asian flatbreads such as chapatti (rotis), parathas, puris, and naan breads.

Enjoying family ties and traditions has always been at the core of the brand and what it stands for. With over 50 years of heritage, our brand has served quality atta flour for generations in the UK. The iconic chapattis are the cornerstone of the traditional South Asian diets and enjoyed by thousands of South Asian families every day.

Elephant Atta is today, the most popular brand in the UK’s ethnic flour market and our chapattis are enjoyed by thousands everyday .The brand is sold in medium, self-raising, white, brown and wholemeal and chakki flour variants.

Brand history

Elephant Atta has a long and rich heritage, stretching back to 1962 when the brand started and took the leading position of flatbread flour market ever since. Around 75% of atta flour is used to make chapattis, and the core South Asian(SA) consumer eats chapatti at least five-six times a week. The tradition of making chapattis is passed from generation to generation in South Asian cultures and Elephant Atta brand honours this tradition ever since it was launched.

Elephant Atta’s Journey over the recent years

2003   Elephant Atta  brand was developed with distinctive positioning and complete re-branding of the label happened. The product packages were newly redesigned highlighting the tradition of passing on chapatti making from mother to daughter.

2004   Elephant re-launched its Ready to Eat Chapati range, acknowledging that fact that high numbers of South Asian migrants who come to UK are young, and they come mostly for work or study and have a very busy lifestyle. Therefore, this range was to give younger communities ‘ taste of home ’, reconnecting them to the wonderful South Asian cuisine without requiring too much time to prepare it.

Various reports’ showed that 42% of adult British consumers have visited an Indian Restaurant or had a takeaway during three month period which demonstrated that chapatti’s and naans are increasingly popular with the mainstream consumers, and availability of RTE (Ready To Eat) allowed the mainstream consumers to enjoy this bread.

Ready to Eat chapattis are convenient and have become increasingly popular.

2005   Elephant Atta continued to stand strong and took the initiative to launch a new product extension to the brand – Chakki Gold. With the constant need for being healthy, this flour was a happy medium between white and brown flour, providing a pleasant balance between health and good taste.

2007   With a successful partnership with the British Heart Foundation, Elephant Atta developed a South Asian Healthy Recipe Book. Research indicates that there is a disturbing increase of the number of heart related diseases among South Asians in the UK, which is mostly due to the diet of the communities. Therefore, Elephant Atta started to promote healthy living among the community and spread the message of healthy eating. Additionally, the brand took up sponsorship of British Asian Sports Awards (BASA) to increase the awareness of healthy lifestyle among young generation.

2008   The SA communities in the UK were growing fast across all age groups, Elephant Atta decided to highlight the Memory lane for all the different generations with 45 Years of Traditions Enjoyed Dailymessage, reminding everyone that no matter what age or stage you are in a life following your traditions every day is key.

2009   EA Atta continued to spread the health message. The brand took part in London Mela, which was an ideal place to have a direct engagement with the families. With a celebrity chef Azmina Govindji EA brought to the audience the secrets and tips of making the perfect chapatti with healthy meals for easy South Asian recipes loved by many generations.

2012   Elephant Atta celebrated its Golden Jubilee, the brand’s 50 years of service to the SA communities in the UK via various events and national TV campaign. The EA legacy was brought to people reminding them the steps of cooking chapatti through several families in various stages of growing up, showing the journey of the families with Elephant Atta flour for 50 years, reinforcing the brand’s relevance to today’s consumers.

Elephant Atta Ready to Eat Chapati product was accredited with Halal certificate by Muslim Food Board.

2013   We proudly launched our new TV advert called “ Blossom ”. The new ad shows how homemade chapattis are incorporated to the modern day context and lifestyle for mother and child, appealing to the next generation of British Asians. The ad is creatively executed to express ‘ A Mothers Love ’ and to highlight that Elephant Atta is not just any other atta – it is one that is an integral part of her and her family too.

2014  Elephant Atta constantly monitors consumer trends and looks out for new product ideas. Elephant Atta Brand’s core competency is atta flour, and we will continue working on our products as per consumer demands.

Trusted by generations of home users and restaurant owners, Elephant Atta has always stood for the best in authentic Asian cuisine standing next to the mothers throughout many generations of South Asian families in UK.