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Christmas festivities

Christmas time is full of family traditions for all to enjoy and has filtered through different cultures across the globe to be celebrated in many different ways. It truly is a time for gathering and giving, feasting and most of all family and friends. At home the brightest decorations go up, and the dinner tables will be groaning with dazzling culinary delights. This is why we have a few interesting Christmas dishes in mind with a South Asian twist.

As part of the celebrations the kitchens at home become a centre for planning the festive feasts mulling over the perfect family recipe for hours. Ingredients are bought and the work begins. It’s always advisable to make a shopping list and buy ahead before shelves run out and even trial a few of the dishes in advance.

Without a doubt every second of effort helps to make sure each and every course is perfected to bring smiles to all those sitting around the table.

Festive dishes with a South Asian Twist

A lot of love and care goes into preparing those all-important Christmas feasts. To add that South Asian twist where there’s a turkey or chicken stuffed with cooked rice and masala, why not add on vegetable sides like glazed carrots with Asian spices. You could also serve interesting fruit dishes like a refreshing Pineapple Payasam to the array of desserts planned for the menu. If you do find there are lot of leftovers, freeze what you can and make use of some of the ingredients (like the leftover turkey for example) in dishes like curries, or why not just share them with your neighbours.

Get the whole family to join in the fun of preparing Christmas dishes – especially the children! They will just love baking; Sanjana Modha’s Christmas biscuits or easy, tasty chapizzas as a quick Christmas treat.

Christmas is a celebration and the perfect excuse to get everybody to come together, family and friends sharing the special meal together!


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